Aimée Neat works with moving image to create aphoristic vignettes and installations and sometimes works with live performance. Borrowing from real life, she has in some sense attempted to ‘be’ the female television presenter she used to assist as well as the sad faces of Justin Bieber. She also makes a podcast that doesn’t really exist. It’s character presenters deep in a joint delusional existential crisis, with full belief or attempt in professional radio capability and ‘pop’ musical performance.


Aimée attempts to embody some of the effect of economic-colonisation on our selves, is preoccupied with what the real self might be and is interested in the performance of self.


Originally from the Midlands, Aimée is a London based artist with a BA Hons in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins and an MFA in Artists Film & Moving Image from Goldsmiths. She is one of the founders of moving image art collective Ballpark, has created radio programs for Resonance FM and exhibitions have included the London Comedy Film Festival’s 'Artists in Comedy' at the BFI.