Based purely on construct and mimicry, Aimée brings together a range of auto biographical, felt and witnessed material, pushed through the paradigm of having worked in the media and television industry. In doing so she attempts to confront a dystopian passing, from television into the internet, of a capitalised and homogenised state of being.


The composition of Aimée's moving image installations can combine differing strands of media-like representation. Creating singular vignettes that together form one larger memetic aphorism; her piece 'A Sculpture of Your Grief' 2018 was described as a "sideswipe at the rictus grin that hides the pain of living life on the revolving circus of the internet"  (Dave Andrews)

Dr. Frederika Tevebring says of her 2019 piece 'LOLS'

"Neat summons the woman and man, dressed for success; ready to perform their part in a neoliberal system. A system that encompasses their bodies as well as emotions. In this struggling scene, the authentic self crashes violently into a desperate bid for definition, recognition and, perhaps, love."


Confronting a contemporary, identity crisis, Aimée points to the binary enforcing impact of advertising’s “regression to the common denominator”.  Inhabiting the image, she goes beyond a familiar construct into an existential emptiness, pushing the limits of consumer passive-gazing.  Using satire and a hyper-banal gaze, she questions the self, performance of the self, and whether we are a construct of the ideologies we consume.

Originally from the West Midlands, Aimée is a London based artist with a BA Hons in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins and an MFA in Artists Film & Moving Image from Goldsmiths. She has created radio programs for Resonance FM and exhibitions have included the London Comedy Film Festival’s 'Artists in Comedy' at the BFI.