The catalyst for Aimée’s performative, moving-image installations is her former assistance-work on a focused marketing campaign. One that mimicked the feel and format of a magazine chat show, existed as branding, but was produced and broadcasted in television, (as well as online). Her work revolved largely around assisting the show’s well-known television presenter, who repetitiously embodied and performed construct on a daily basis. Going home and dressing herself up as the presenter became the paradigm for Aimée to explore expectation, attempt and failure in the face of constructed ideology.

Creating vignettes that together form an ever-growing memetic, aphoristic whole, Aimée attempts to inhabit media image and ethos, combining this with other chosen iconography. Delving into, distorting, and pushing beyond familiar constructs, her characters reside in existential crisis and emptiness. Often pushing the limits of consumer passive-gazing, she regularly uses satire and a hyper-banal gaze to awkwardly question the self and performance of self.

Originally from the West Midlands, Aimée is a London based artist with a BA Hons in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins and an MFA in Artists Film & Moving Image from Goldsmiths. She has created radio programs for Resonance FM, and exhibitions have included the London Comedy Film Festival’s 'Artists in Comedy' at the BFI.