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Aimée Neat is a Multimedia Artist 


                             Creative Producer

                                                       Radio Producer and Presenter         

                    Editor of Audio/ Visual

                                                    Photographer/ Camera Person who makes critical, original, creative content.


           Aimée’s work includes producing and presenting the Her.They show for CMNTY radio and Islington Radio, a series of thematic shows that champion female and non binary expression. Bringing together music, stories, history, and artistic use of the voice as a medium.


                       She blurs boundaries

      between performance art and comedy with ‘Clare & Dave’ where Aimée directs, performs, composes, records                and edits a series of audio pieces (soon to be live shows) that claim to be a podcast… but are they?


Previous works include producing, recording, editing a 30 minute radio documentary for Resonance FM on artist led gentrification,

                                      and befriending and documenting the original Windmill Girls of Soho.

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